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Starting some zinnia seeds for the summer garden and mailbox bed. Woohoo! #gardenchat #pollinators

View of the Cheap Seats, er, Bulbs

View of the Cheap Seats, er, Bulbs

Last fall, we went a little crazy again with bulbs. We didn’t go as crazy as 2012 where we bought 150 bulbs in one day then kept buying because Aldi and Costco had them for cheap. But we did indulge in several more bags of bulbs from Aldi and Costco.  If you’re keeping score at home, here are the stats: 2012 bulbs: 200, 2013 bulbs: 172. Whew, it was close!

This spring, my…

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A little spot of pink to close out the day. #tulips #gardenwalk #gardenchat #gardeningwithkids
Taking in the afternoon sun and breezes. #seedlings #tomatoes #peppers #herbs #gardeningwithkids

We Came Home and Found This

We Came Home and Found This

We took a few days to make a quiet trip to the Georgia coast. We had a great time relaxing with friends and planting flowers for them. While we were gone, our garden prepared a beautiful welcome home party.

First to appear as we came down the street was the iris’ I planted 2 summers ago. These are re-blooming iris’ that came with the house. I divided them and replanted into a larger bed.


As we…

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Yay! My rose labels arrived from Harlane. Woohoo! #rosechat #roseaddict
Because yesterday couldn’t get any better, we found a rainbow on our way to a waterfront supper picnic. I think I love this town. #stmarys #kingsland #kingsbay #coastalgeorgia
Painting, planting, replacing. All in a day’s fun for Day of Service. #kingsland #stmarys #kingsbay #pcacamden
Joining hubby for his Day of Service volunteer work at our mission church. He paints, I plant. #kingsbay #stmarys #coastalgeorgia #kingsland
A little Wednesday afternoon pick-me-up from our garden to you. Cheers!