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Love getting mail from friends and decorated packages! Can’t wait to open it! #gardeningwithfriends thank you, @colleenkessler!

Wordless Wednesday: It’s a Chamber-of-Commerce Kind of Day

Wordless Wednesday: It’s a Chamber-of-Commerce Kind of Day



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Future Sunflower Forest

On one of the nice, pre-Spring days late last month, we finally got around to starting sunflower seeds. We’ve been planning to make a fort/forest/castle in the back section of the garden since last summer. The Wonder Kids are very excited.


Since we’re late getting started and I’m tired of making seed cups, we used some expandable Jiffy pellets to start the sunflower seeds. A leftover dessert…

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Adding to the Right-Of-Way Garden

Adding to the Right-Of-Way Garden

In our ongoing efforts to beautify our Right-Of-Way, we added some seeds and a plant to it today. For Easter, our church had honorary or memorial mums available for purchase and used to decorate the front of the Sanctuary for the occasion. I don’t know if this is strictly a Southern custom or not. Being a born and bred Georgia peach who has loved in various parts of the country, I only ever…

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Our Easter mum from church is ready for it’s new home in the ROW garden.  #gardeningwithkids #gardenchat #gardenwalk
This is what happens when your 3yo decided the tomato seedling needs chocolate milk to grow big and strong. #gardeningwithkids #gardenchat
Cleaning out the ROW garden and found a fall mum that survived the crazy winter. Woot! #gardenchat #gardenwalk
The view out my kitchen window is bright and warm, in spite of the cold. #gardenwalk #gardenchat #azaleas

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: An Overzealous Beginner’s Rose Garden

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: An Overzealous Beginner’s Rose Garden

Our new, new-to-us, and propagated-from-old-rose-bush roses.



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Starting some zinnia seeds for the summer garden and mailbox bed. Woohoo! #gardenchat #pollinators