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Reviving the Garden Beds

Reviving the Garden Beds

One of the joys of being back in zone 9a is that we are also going to be growing in our original veggie garden beds. Our tenants were able to grow beans and peppers this past summer. But this year, the weeds erupted fast and voraciously thanks to substantial rain and sunshine.

Last Friday, I pulled out the shovel and attacked. Grass and lots of weeds had taken over. It only took a couple of weeks…

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Good morning from our garden! We have a small Anna’s Promise bloom for you. Happy Tuesday! #rosechat #gardenchat #rosesofinstagram

Completely Gratuitous Plumeria Photos

Completely Gratuitous Plumeria Photos

After my post last Friday about the plumeria seeds from Deb, she sent me a few pictures of the tree and its’ seed pods.  I was so excited about what is coming that I had to share the pictures.  The Girls Wonder are VERY, VERY excited to know we are growing PINK plumerias. PINK.  The squeals of joy woke the neighbors.

The seed pods of the plumeria tree.







The pink plumeria tree…

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Plumeria Seeds

I have another plant obsession I may not have mentioned. I’m madly in love with plumeria. It started in high school when a dear friend brought me back a lei from Hawaii. Then we visited Hawaii early in our marriage and plumeria were everywhere. That sealed my heart to plumeria.

Thanks to Steve Asbell at The Rainforest Garden, I met a dear lady named Deb from south Florida. Deb was kind enough to…

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A Late Summer Veggie Garden

A Late Summer Veggie Garden

We have successfully relocated back to our beloved Golden Isles of Georgia. Sweet Hubby, the Wonder Kids, and I are slowly getting unpacked and re-settled back into our zone 9a garden. The late frost dates and sandy soil have already tempted me to start a late summer garden.

I couldn’t resist trying to prolong some summer produce since I didn’t get to enjoy any of the summer goodies we left in…

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Good morning from the Georgia coast! #gardenchat #zone9a
A little over 2” of rain in 1 hour in our new zone 9A garden. Love a good coastal summer afternoon thunderstorm! #freewater #gardenchat
Good morning from the garden!
Caught in the act! #gardenchat

Bee Magnet

This is a picture of my lavender Rose of Sharon bush. It came with the house. At first, I didn’t know what it was. But a quick tweet to #gardenchat 2 years ago yielded the answer. (Thanks to Bren Haas and Helen Yoest for answering my question!)

I am so glad I asked around before taking it out. The gorgeous lavender blooms attract bees like a magnet.


So far this morning, I’ve counted 4 bees…

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