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"I found it! Wait, a little to the left, now a smidge to the right, up a little." #gardenchat #rosechat #pollinators
New hummingbird feeders in place. Now she waits. #gardeningwithkids #gardenchat
Heading to my happy place to find some fall seeds and a little solace.

Planting Sunflowers Among the Weeds

Planting Sunflowers Among the Weeds

Girl Wonder #1 loves sunflowers as much as she loves pink. She discovered last week that we didn’t have enough sunflowers growing in the yard. It was her duty as a gardener to plant more sunflowers. It also helped that the Boys Wonder were splashing she and her sister in the pool in a pirate fight.

Undaunted, she requested sunflower seeds and I supplied. And let her get to planting.



I tried to…

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Ah ha! Finally found where the #moopootea had been hiding amongst the moving boxes. Time to brew! #gardenchat #rosechat #growyourown
Happy Rosy Thursday, garden friends! #rosechat #gardenchat #almostfriday #rosesofinstagram
This “heaven’s gate” coreopsis is covered with bees with bulging pollen sacks. #gardenchat #bees #pollinators

Trying Out a New Plant

Trying Out a New Plant

**Joe from Garden Harvest Supply graciously sent me this plant to try out. All opinions and experiences are my own but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to grow it yourself.**

I’m a sucker for trying out new-to-me plants. Getting them to grow in my garden and with our craziness always triggers the “mad scientist” in me. And the “oh, let’s try it and see what happens” vein that runs rampant…

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Early morning garden surprise. Found a calla bloom on my @brentandbeckysbulbs calla bulb planted 7/4/2014. Woohoo!
Happy Monday from our garden to you! #rosechat #gardenchat #rosesofinstagram